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The Committee for Injured Nurses of Prince Edward Island will report to but not be governed by the Association of Nursesí of Prince Edward Island.

The Committee for Injured Nurses will submit their mandate to the Canadian Nurses Association for peer review.  


CINPEI acknowledges the integrity and dignity of the professional nurse and the valuable contribution nurses offer our society. The Committee will address through research, nursesí concerns for their clients, work environment and profession. The goal of CINPEI is to promote wellness, provide education, prevent injuries and support nurses.

Wellness promotion through education will aid in prevention of illness and injury. CINPEI will incorporate education modules into the workplace appropriate for the risk factors of that environment.

Nurses in clinical practice, education, administration, and research, will identify areas of varying risk by application of their knowledge, skill, and judgement.

Through research areas of the workplace having varying degrees of risk will be identified.  Appropriate education modules will be developed and incorporated into the workplace to reduce and eliminate injury risk factors.

Retention of nurses currently working in the health care system and recruitment of students into the nursing profession will be studied and promoted.  CINPEI will investigate the contribution to the nursing profession of nurses who experience working restrictions or have retired.  Their place in the health care delivery system will be examined. 

Measures of support and advocacy will be designed and instituted to accommodate the diverse needs of nurses individually and as a group.

CINPEI believes improvements made to the working environment will enable nurses to remain in their present positions without risk of future illness and injury. We assume no exposure of risk or harm should come to the nurse. Corrections to risk areas will send a positive message that work environments of nurses are safe and these improvements will augment the number of prospective nursing students recruited into the nursing profession.

A goal of CINPEI is to have the number of nursing students graduated in Canada increase, to meet the growing demand for nursing professionals to sustain our health care system. New and innovative opportunities will be made available to injured and retired nurses to facilitate their continued contribution to their chosen profession. Ultimately, the nursing profession will benefit by means of continued growth and expansion through the diversity of its membership.



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